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We are a firm of psychologists who provide assessments and on going support for children in residential care and in education. This includes providing expert reports for children and young people who are subject to proceedings in the civil and criminal courts. Part of our philosophy is that to develop packages of care for children young people that which includes: cognitive behavioural therapy, systematic family therapy and brief therapy.

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Assessments for Social Services

Our specialist areas of expertise is carrying out assessments and working with young people with:

  • emotional problems
  • educational problems
  • sexual abuse problems

Because we are a national service we are able to provide psychologists who are local to each children's home and school. This radically reduces travel costs and ensures that the relationship between the client and our psychologists develops quickly and positively. We allocate each young person a psychologist and deliver bespoke for packages support for each individual young person.

In addition to the work for young people, we also provide organisational developmental work for staff teams within residential settings. This can be to improve their management capability and practise. We also design and deliver assessment centres to radically improve the selection of staff. We are expert in the delivery of staff development centres for on-going assessment of staff development needs.

All staff have current Disclosure and Barring Service (DRB) clearance and are selected based on our rigorous standards. All psychologists are registered with the British Psychological Society and Health Care Professions Council.

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