Reviews of Our Expert Psychologist Services and Dyslexia Diagnostic Assessments

**Pel Williamson**

Excellent, professional and timely service. I am an independent social worker and have found this service and their staff to be second to none a top rate provider in the industry.

Excellent 5/5****

**William Tigbe**

"I received an excellent service. I had no idea where to start from and when I phoned Advanced assessments Limited, I was assigned an adviser to talk to me. All my questions were answered and felt better educated on the topic. I was given time to digest the information, speak to other people and to consider how I wished to proceed. The assessment itself was very thorough and I think I learnt a lot from the process itself. The timing of the detailed report was perfect. Good job well done."

Excellent 5/5 *****

**Benson Izekor**

"The assessment was awesome. Patient and calm. He has all the time for me. I will recommend him for anyone. This man is good."

Excellent 5/5 *****

**Sharon Bayfield**

"I received outstanding service from Dr Horsford at Advanced Assessments Ltd in producing our psychology medico-legal expert witness report. He had excellent knowledge of mental health assessments, depression and neuropsychological injury. I am delighted with my report it was worth the investment."

**Marla B**

"Absolutely I would recommend Advanced Assessment. They were extremely flexible with meeting our timing needs. More importantly there was great care given to the background research involved and ensuring that the report was very complete and thorough."

Excellent 5/5 *****

**Jamal Jammy**

Very helpful, prompt service. Really friendly helped put my mind at ease

Excellent 5/5*****

**Lee Michael**

"Dr Horsford was the the perfect expert witness psychologist, he produced a timely medico-legal report which helped to win my case."

Excellent 5/5 *****

**John Keast**

"Fantastic and enlightening service. I would highly recommend Dr Bernard and he his friendly team!"

Excellent 5/5 *****

**F-Factor Fitness Online**

"I had an assessment for dyslexia which st 49 yrs old was a little daunting .the whole experience was fantastic and I was made to feel at ease from the initial contact , would recommend."

Excellent 5/5 *****

**David Eshun**

"I did an dyslexia assessment with Dr Horsford and I was satisfied with the proficient service provided."

**Sarangan IIagno**

"Quick friendly services and was able to see me in short notice and meet my deadlines."

Excellent 5/5 *****

**Emily White**

"Brilliant service. My son finally got the results we were waiting for. Doctor Horsford made my son feel very comfortable with testing."

Excellent 5/5 *****

**Davina Patel**

"The assessment cover everything and was really good."

Excellent 5/5 *****

**Barnaby Lewis**

"Thank you. Very good service. Professional and accurate. Much appreciated."

Excellent 5/5 *****

**Samudrajit Roy**

"Good service, patient with our daughter."

Excellent 5/5 *****

**Dina Shure**

"Dr Horsford was thorough and professional throughout my assessment. I am very pleased that I chose his service, he is a highly competent psychologist."

Excellent 5/5 *****

**C Mur'Tala**

"Dr Horsford was attentive to our needs. He divided his full attention to our daughters assessments, and listened to any concerns I may have raised, and took on board my suggestions."

Very Good 4/5 ****

**Ainsley Campbell**

"I recently had a Dyslexia assessment completed by Dr Bernard Horsford at a time where I was feeling very low, confused and doubtful about about my carrier, personal. I would describe my initial feelings moving forward into the assessment as being very nervousness, and also anxious about the whole experience given where I had found myself emotionally (feeling very low and unmotivated).

Bernard was very professional and informative from the very start (phone assessment/face to face assessment) and he ensured that I was as relaxed as possible whilst keeping me informed about the process that was taking place at all times. I would say that the approach that he took ensured that I was made to feel relaxed and also gave a good account of myself whilst the assessment took place. It was very important for me that I could enter the assessment feeling relaxed because given my age and also where I am in my career at this point in my life, this is life changing.

Its hard to pick yourself up when you are feeling low and have very low self worth based on how emotionally tired/exhausted one can be. This experience has given me hope for the future at an age where I thought that I was fixed in my behaviour, life experience and moving towards retiring.

I have taken great steps towards learning and understanding more about myself at a point where I did not think it was possible and this will trigger major changes in my life that should have taken place when I was much younger. Coping/managing with a disability is not acceptable and I appreciate how Dr Bernard Horsford has helped me in gaining a new perspective on myself/life. I understand that this sounds a bit deep but this has really been a life changing experience for me and I thank him for being so professional and understanding throughout my assessment.

I have nothing but praise for the way in which he has conducted himself and I would recommend the service/Bernard to anyone who may have the need for support."

Excellent 5/5 *****

**Ana Milena Orjuela Cruz**

"The process it seemed complicated and quite big, but I was very lucky to find Dr. Bernard. He was very patient, explained everything in good details and the activities were selected in order to get the best diagnosis out of them.
After the long test, the doctor explained the process and outcomes and answers all my questions.

If you are looking to have an assignment on dyslexia and feel is overwhelming, I strongly recommend his services.

Thanks a lot Doctor."

Excellent 5/5 *****

**James Stokes**

"Dr Horsford provided a very professional and courteous service. Also, I was very pleased with the thorough length of report and help it provided."

Excellent 5/5 *****

**Sarah Abudurahim**

"One of the best Dr.Bernard assessed my brother two years ago he was excellent , professional and approachable it was pleasure working with him highly recommend him."

Excellent 5/5 *****

**Hifsa Wajid**

"Dr Horsford was a pleasure to have around to my home. The assessment was intense however Dr Horsford delivered professionally and put me at ease the whole time. I was told throughout my life I was not dyslexic but with this thorough assessment it confirmed my dyslexia. Dr Horsford took out the time and advised me with tips on how to get through my final year at university. My family also appreciated the positive energy which complimented Dr Horsford's professionalism. Dr Horsford helped to put some of my family members at ease with overcoming barriers with dyslexia stereotype. I will definitely be recommending Dr Horsford to the rest of my family and friends."

Excellent 5/5 *****

**Aslı Çeçen**

"I was really nervous for forcing my daughter to be tested for many hours, but thanks to Dr Horsford, it turned out to be a wonderful experience. He made us feel very comfortable and at the end of the assessment tests my daughter said she had fun."

Excellent 5/5 *****

**Lee Micheal**

"Top psychologist, Dr Horsford produced an excellent medico-legal report for me."

Excellent 5/5 *****

**Alan Whitehead**

"I would recommend Dr Horsford for any dealing with case of children who are brainwashed by their mothers not to have a normal relationship with their fathers. Dr Horsford helped me to have a normal relationship with my children who stated they did not want to see me for years because their mother was using them as a weapon against me to try an get as much money as she could."

Excellent 5/5 *****

**Sarach Hughes**

"Very good, thorough report for my 12 year old daughter for Dyslexia and great communication throughout x"

Excellent 5/5 *****

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