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We bring over 50 years experience of providing quality expert parenting assessment reports. Experienced psychologists offer local home visits for family risk assessments. As parenting assessment experts we produce psychological and cognitive assessments of children, families and parents for Family, Criminal and Civil Court proceedings. We produce parenting risk assessments. We also have experience of working with Looked After Children providing advice and assessments of parents for Children’s Services.

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Advanced Assessments can address a wide range of areas including:

  • Assessments of ability parenting capacity including assessment of intellectual functioning and the impact of this on caring.

  • Sex offender risk assessment within a family context

  • Ability of a partner to protect children from a violent, sexually abusive or emotionally abusive person

  • Whole family assessments in order to establish the dynamics of a family, for example, in the context of disputes or where a child is demonstrating behavioural difficulties

  • Family risk assessment of physical and sexual abuse, domestic violence and partners' ability to protect

  • Substance abuse and dependence in a forensic context

  • Effect of substance misuse and dependence upon parenting abilities

  • Psychological effects of matrimonial /relationship breakdown and abusive relationships

  • Risk Assessments with respect to sexual, physical or emotional abuse

  • Therapeutic needs of parents, timescales and prospect of change

  • Attachment relationships of children to their parents or carers

  • Assessment of harm or likelihood of harm suffered by children with respect to known or suspected neglect and/or physical, sexual & emotional abuse

  • Placement and therapeutic needs of children following a care order

  • Intellectual capacity — I.Q., learning difficulties, ability to instruct solicitor

  • Assessments for care proceedings, contact and residence disputes

  • Child Development Assessments

  • Impact of abuse

  • Assessment of shared residence and care

  • Assessment of drugs and alcohol on ability to parent

  • Assessments of the ability to protect children from unsuitable partners and grandparents

  • Parental Alienation Syndrome (PAS Syndrome) or brainwashing of a child by one parent to denigrate the other parent

  • Learning disability and its impact on parenting

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Child psychologist assessments are available in family law, childcare, adoption and foster care. Our experts work with lawyers, CAFCASS, children’s services and the courts (in care proceedings, contact and residence cases).


We produce high quality reports covering: parenting capacity assessments, attachment, refusal to see a parent (parental alienation syndrome (PAS), family assessments, risk and assessments child abuse. We also produce immigration asylum assessments on the impact of separation, risk and age assessments.
We provide psychological assessments of adults and children in family court proceedings (public and private law cases).
We can also provide therapeutic interventions, including family therapy and CBT with children and their families. We also develop family safety strategies to reduce risk. We accept funding form the Legal Aid Agency and clients are normally seen within one week of confirmation of funding. Reports are normally released within 14 days of assessment.

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