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With over 50 years experience our top local psychologists can be a tremendous help in delivering mental health testing in the UK, treating a range of mental health problems such as: depression, anxiety, borderline personality disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), drug misuse, eating disorders, addictions, and work place stress. We specialise in the following: counselling individuals suffering from work place stress, redundancy counselling, career counselling, trauma including road traffic accidents, personal injuries, bereavement, sexual abuse, assault, anxiety, obsessive or repetitive behaviours, phobias, anger management, self-harm, low self esteem, immigration, bullying, harassment, relationship counselling, separation, divorce, child hood issues, adoption, individuals suffering from autism and ADHD.
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Please not that these mental health test questions are provided are screening tests and do not replace the need for a full assessment with a psychologist how will typically use regulated tests and their clinical judgment before reaching a final diagnosis.

Learn more about many of the most common mental health conditions, and free mental health services here. If your condition is severe and urgent you should contact your GP or accident and emergency in the first instance before booking an appointment with Advanced Assessments Ltd.


Fitness to Plead

People who are mentally ill may sometimes be found not guilty of an offence or they may be unfit to plead. Click here to find out more about fitness to plead: Detailed guidance which legal professionals should follow for mentally ill offenders can be found here

Free Mental Health Test Download

If you think that you might be suffering from depression why not complete a free depression screening test, click the following link to download the
depression mental health test.

Free Anxiety Test Download

You might be having a problem with anxiety, why not complete a free anxiety test to see if you would benefit from therapy, click the following link to download the anxiety anxiety mental health test.


Free Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Test Download

Individuals who have been in road traffic accidents or who have been victims of violence often suffer from PTSD, find out if you have the symptoms of PTSD by clicking the following link and completing the PTSD mental health test.

We Are Qualified Tests Users Registered in the BPS Register of Test Users

If you have been found to have moderate or severe symptoms on any of the above tests, your symptoms should be confirmed by a face to face assessment with a good psychologist who may use other tests which are only available to chartered local psychologists, to confirm your diagnosis. Call us to arrange an assessment or therapy today. Our Chief Executive,
Dr Bernard Horsford psychologists is listed in the BPS directory of qualified mental health test users click this link to find out more.

Experts in Working with Diverse Communities

We have an extensive background in working with culturally diverse populations our team is made up of Black psychologists, women psychologists, LGBT and disabled psychologists. Our practice is geared towards adolescents and adults grappling employment, identity, personal, family work, educational or health issues. Our emphasis is on goal-directed cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) psychotherapy and conducting psychology assessments. For clients interested in pursuing therapy the initial visit is a diagnostic evaluation session. We work with solicitors to advise on what support is necessary following trauma. Click these links to find out more about cultural diversity in mental health in psychiatry and psychology.

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