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Our work on leadership development includes the design and delivery of assessment and development centres.

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Examples of Our Assesssment Centres

Development Centre for 500 staff working in children’s services, adult services and for general business managers.

This work involved the design and implementation of development centres as part of a management development programme for the council. Each participant was able to work with the assessors to formulate personal development plans following the development centre. The development centre assessed participant performance on a number of organisational competencies using a range of psychometric tests, in-trays, role-play interviews and group discussions.

Development centre for senior lawyers across the organisation.

This development centre was designed to deal with development needs raised through on-going performance appraisal of senior civil servants. The development centre was designed so that it supported the O’Donnal Leadership assessment grid and was also mapped to the Civil Service leadership model. We mapped the leadership framework to the occupational personality questionnaire and supported this by a number of assessed work based projects as part of the development centre.

Development Centre for reappointment of all panel members.

This work involved the development and implementation of a development centre for social work professionals. The work started with the development of behaviourally anchored rating scales which where designed to assess all performance criteria. Theses scales were developed in partnership with current officers. The development centre then assessed the performance of each panel member using previous reports, a number of work based exercises, group discussions and psychometric tests. On the last day of the development centre personal development plans were designed for each panel member.

Development Centres for staff in adult services, children’s services, education and business managers helping them to develop the skills to progress in their roles.

The development centre included 1 to 1 competence based development interviews, a bespoke in-tray exercise, an Excel programming task, a Word processing task, verbal and numerical reasoning tests, role play activities, a customer contact questionnaire and a policy report. At the end of the development centre career development plans were formulated for each participant.

Development Centres for top civil servants

Using 15FQ personality questionnaire and behavioural exercises (conducted in the desert). Wrote and delivered the engagement strategy to the Abu Dhabi Municipality, and advised on competences and wrote relevant questions relating to same or e-recruitment system, as part of their organisational transformation programme

Development Centres for senior HR staff

These development centres were designed for business managers working in dispersed business units across the organisation. The development centres tested professional and interpersonal skills. Customer relationship management and interpersonal skills were tested by the use of psychometric tests, a bespoke group activity and a bespoke one to one negotiation activity were the participants had to review performance and provide feedback. Participants were also assessed on their ability to use computers by an in-tray exercise in which they were required to complete. They were also required to format an excel spreadsheet with formulate and to produce graphs and statistical calculations.

Development in Residential Childcare Job and stakeholder analysis interviews and focus groups.

This was two projects analysing what made a good residential care worker. From this we developed development centre exercises, an analysis exercise in which participants were required to create an away day for the children in the residential home. Both existing residential care workers and children participated in the design of the development centre and in identifying what made a good residential care worker. From this a 1 to 1 interview simulation was developed were one person acted as a residential care worker and the other person acted as a social worker who had made a complaint in respect of one of their children.

Central Government Development Centre

This project involved the development of bespoke development centre activities for staff at Grades 6 and 5. The activities aimed to test and develop the individual’s abilities to deal with policy and regulation and leadership and management skills as business managers. A bespoke in-tray, group exercise, and panel interview was developed as part of the activities.

Human Resources Business Advisors development centre

The prison service had outsourced much of its HR function, however it needed to ensure that it still had some internal capability at HEO level. We developed competency based 1 to 1 interviews and focus groups in line with the civil service competency framework and the competency framework for the prison service.

Development centres for senior staff in a large private sector organisation

This project involved the creation of development centres for staff working at Head of Service Level. The centre involved the design of bespoke 1 to 1 interviews, group activities, an in-tray, an analysis exercise and small group simulation where the participants had to negotiate a resolution to a security breach.

Development centre in a national private sector organisation

This development centre was part of a national development programme, the development centre used bespoke group activities, presentations, an in-tray that used Excel and Word and Access, verbal and numerical reasoning, a panel based competence based development interview. The development centre concluded with the formulation of individual development plans.

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