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Free initial advisory calls with an expert witness in the UK are only available to solicitors, barristers or other qualified legal professionals. There is a fee of £75 for the initial advisory call if you are not represented by a lawyer.

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The Five Levels of Expert Witness Report we Offer are:

Preliminary Expert Witness Reports:

These assessments are designed for clients who are considering whether to use expert evidence in proceedings but are not sure whether there is sufficient medical expert evidence to defend or bring a claim. This level is sometimes suitable for occupational health assessments where the employer might be considering disciplinary action or dismissal. The minimum amount of time we devote to these triage reports is 7.5 hours. If you proceed to a report at Level 1 or above the cost of the preliminary expert witness report will be credited to the overall fee, thus reducing the costs.

Level 1 Expert Witness Reports:

The minimum amount of time that is required to produce a report that is suitable for use in legal proceedings is 25 hours. Reports drafted in less than 25 hours are likely to be a false economy — they do not meet the rigorous minimum standards required of a competent expert witness psychologist. We operate on reputation of rigorous analysis and high-quality work. Our overriding duty is to the court and we have found through experience and analysing the reports of other experts that it is not possible to produce a quality expert psychologist report in less than 25 hours. We normally work much longer than the number of hours given in our cost estimates without additional charge to produce robust reports that result in early settlement of claims, thus reducing the overall cost of litigation.

Level 2 Expert Witness Reports:

More comprehensive coverage is often required. Where this is the case it might take 27 to 50 hours to properly answer the questions that need to be addressed by the court.

Level 3 Expert Witness Reports:

More complex cases such as those involving neuropsychological assessment are likely to take between 51 to 72 hours to complete proficiently.

Level 4 Expert Witness Reports:

Assessments of more than one individual or assessments of very complex injury are likely to take more than 72 hours to skilfully complete.

Cases with fewer documents for assessment are not always less complex. The amount of time required will ultimately depend on the quality of the evidence, the complexity of the instructions and factors which relate to the individual who is to be assessed. Thus, it is impossible to advise on the costs of the assessment without seeing all the evidence.

Unfortunately, we are unable to accept cases, offer preliminary telephone consultations or produce quotations without full disclosure of all information in the case. The key information we require to produce a quote for offer an initial free telephone consultation is set out below.

Information Required in Civil and Employment Cases to Obtain an Estimate and a Preliminary Free Telephone Conversation:

  1. An indication of the deadlines of the report;
  2. A detailed draft letter of instruction setting out exactly the questions that you would like the expert witness to consider;
  3. Copies of all of the relevant NHS and private medical notes;
  4. Copies of educational records, including psychologist’s assessments, if applicable;
  5. The Claimant’s disability statement, for Equality Act 2010 claims;
  6. Relevant witness statements and/or proofs of evidence;
  7. Reports of the opposing party’s experts if available;
  8. All the Claimant’s pleadings including, Particulars of Claim, Letter before Claim, ET1 or application to the Tribunal as appropriate;
  9. All the Defendant’s pleadings including, the ET3, Defence (and counterclaim, if applicable)
  10. A schedule of loss, if applicable;
  11. All related interlocutory Orders and case management decisions;
  12. Counsel’s advice on expert evidence;
  13. Any personnel file (in employment cases);
  14. Details of what your client’s first language is and whether an interpreter will be necessary;
  15. In indication of your client’s current mental state;
  16. Name of the opposing party, so that a conflict of interest check can be carried out; and
  17. Any reports held by Adult Social Services, Children’s Services; and CAFCASS, if relevant.

Information Required by to Produce an Estimate and Obtain a Free Telephone Conversation in Criminal Proceedings:

To advise on costs, we need as much the following information as you can supply:

  1. Copies of all of the relevant NHS and private medical notes;
  2. The CPS Case file;
  3. Copies of educational records, including educational psychologist’s assessments,) if applicable
  4. Reports of the Crown’s experts;;
  5. The Crown’s Opening note, if one has been prepared;
  6. Defence Counsel’s advice on expert evidence;
  7. The Defence statement;
  8. Copies of any Offender Assessment System Assessment (OASys assessment);
  9. Parole reports, if these exist;
  10. Probation reports;
  11. PNC extracts;
  12. All prison medical records;
  13. The deadline for or report;
  14. Details of what your client’s first language is and whether an interpreter will be necessary;
  15. In indication of your client’s current mental state;
  16. A draft letter of instruction;
  17. If your client is currently incarcerated the location of the prison;
  18. Any reports held by Adult Social Services or Children’s services; and
  19. Witness statements, and proofs of evidence. 

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