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We have over 50 years experience in assessment centre and selection test design. Our occupational psychologists use psychometric assessment to improve profitability and reduce costs. Rated excellent ***** 5/5

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We improve performance by applying leading objective psychological selection tests which will help your organisation select and develop outstanding people and build effective teams.

Local psychologists will assist your organisation with assessment centre design, we will manage your assessment centres and development centres, we also provide assessors. Our industrial and organisational psychologists deliver assessor training to assist you at all stages in the employee resourcing and development process.

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Assessment Centres and Development Centres

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Our business psychologists develop competency frameworks for effective selection and development. We reduce your costs by using culture fair assessment methods to assess each candidate's personality, verbal, mathematical and logical reasoning abilities. These assessments are supplemented by work based simulations and situational judgment tests (SJT) to determine how the candidate will perform in the job. To gain a deeper insights we combine a career interview with the psychometric tests to predict what candidates will do and how well they will do it and what motivates them in the workplace. We provide advise on making assessment centres fairer from Black and minority ethnic groups, women and disabled candidates.

Our occupational psychologists use a range of scientifically validated selection tests personality tests from leading test providers including: the Occupational Personality Questionnaire (OPQ), the Saville Wave, the 16PF, the 15FQ, the MBTI, the FIRO B, the Hogan Personality Inventory and the Hogan Development Survey to help you get high performing candidates for the job and reduce staff turn over. Our occupational psychologists work use a range of leading activities: leadership in-trays assessments, leaderless group discussions and role plays for talent management, employee selection, restructuring and executive coaching.

We produce recommendations against your job requirements taking into account your organisational culture, the future needs of your organisation and the competences that are lacking in your current team. At the end of the selection process we frequently produce individual development and talent management plan for the organisation. Our business psychologists provide careful follow up of our selection testing decisions ensuring that your organisation can document the significant costs benefits of using our service.

Selection Test? Download A Free Personality Test

Take a Free Personality Test by clicking the following link. You will need personality testing with test that can only be interpreted and administered by a chartered psychologist if you need accurate feedback on your personality profile and how the suitable you are for a particular job why not download a simple leadership personality test by clicking the following link.

The wrong decision is always very costly for organisations so pre-employment screening is an investment which pays for itself. We provide expert help in psychological profiling by gathering objective information on the candidate’s personality, behaviour, job performance, background, public profile, credit and medical history. Our occupational psychologists work on individual assessment of your senior leaders using techniques that identify the strengths and areas for development of your top teams.

We invest time to take full biographical deals using techniques such as the career path appreciation methodology thus helping us to understand the drivers of the person's performance and the factors that influence their success. We produce an individual development plan which is supported by coaching and mentoring, if need be to ensure successful transition into their new role.

Individual Assessment Using Psychometric Testing

You will have access to top experts fast to assess and diagnose performance problems at work. We deal with cases where concerns are raised about the performance and capability of a range of professionals. We improve performance by working with teams to sustain effective working relationships and we are often called on when all else has failed, we use a range of methods such as team facilitation, mediation and coaching.

After an initial telephone consultation with the referrer we (a) agree the terms of reference (b) carry out psychometric testing, (c) invite the individual for a diagnostic interview and feedback (d) provide a full assessment report for the individual and referrer with practical recommendations, (e) provide post-assessment advice and guidance (f) carry out behavioural coaching where required.

Our expertise in human factors is used to reduce stress at work and design productive healthily workplaces, we will reduce your costs. Our offer is an effective and comprehensive service for employers to reduce costs by significantly reducing sickness absence. We pride ourself on doing this while still supporting the wellbeing needs of your employees. Our ambition is to work with you to ensure you minimise the chance that your company breaches employment legislation. Our occupational psychologist's approach to corporate health is to use it as a process to help to motivate employees and to keep your business running smoothly. We can manage your corporate wellness programmes, we will ensure health and safety procedures are checked regularly. We can monitor your corporate health, provide support, produce management reports on well-being and deliver training.

Once appointed we offer a wide arrange of services which focus on the psychiatric and psychological aspects of health and safety at work to reduce sickness absence.

Occupational health psychologists will also review management referrals to occupational health advisors, we act as expert witnesses in employment tribunal and personal injury cases involving capability, disability discrimination and mental health at work, you will have access to top experts fast.

Practice and Coaching for Assessment Centres

Individuals who are looking for their next job benefit tremendously from our careers counselling service and outplacement service. Many of the candidates that we work with require help in deciding whether to change career and what their strengths and areas for development are. We work each individual to compile powerful applications, curriculum viate and cover letters and provide individual outplacement support.

Candidates receive a personalised programme of help and advice including practice and coaching for assessment centres by local psychologists or on-line. Our occupational psychologists provide you with carefully selected materials and activities matched to the those which you will undertake during assessment centres that your have been invited to by potential employers. Once a suitable job opportunity has been identified our occupational psychologists will familiarise them with the types of the tests that you will face and advise you how best to respond to these tests.

Our industrial and organisational psychologists will structure carefully designed interview questions based on the job you have been shortlisted for so that you are able to put yourself across effectively at interview. We take credit card payments.

We have a track record of ensuring organisations select the best and evaluating the performance our selection decisions by examining indicators such as turnover, promotion rates, success at probation reviews against the recommendations given for candidates.

When our indicators are compared with the costs of not using an assessment centre, the evidence clearly demonstrates the costs saved as a result of our assessment centres.

Talent Management and Career Development Coaching

Equality and diversity is a central part of our approach to talent management, we work with organisations to achieve better representation of staff with protected characteristics at all levels of the organisation. Our diverse team includes Black occupational psychologists, disabled business psychologists and female industrial and organisational psychologists.

We carry out an analysis of your current skill requirements. This requires a consideration of which posts are hard to recruit to, turnover rates across the organisation at different levels to identify where you need talent most. As far as the future is concerned, carry out an analysis of the organisation’s future strategic direction and what skills and competencies will be required to meet those strategic ambitions and improve performance. This often considered along side the organisation’s current competency framework to ensure that talent is effectively managed to meet these competencies.

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In the past we have designed and implemented career development events to help staff understand how to meet organisational competencies. We ensure that there is a level playing field so that no protected group is disadvantaged when placed in a recruitment or redundancy selection situation. Our occupational psychologists use a holistic approach that brings together strategy, process, systems, implementation and embedding, as well as evaluation. Find out more about what our business psychologists do.

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